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Where it comes from An where it goes.

Stumptown Events Inc.. is a Portland Oregon registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are a 100% Volunteer run organization. None of our board members or officers receive monetary or in-kind compensation for their participation in this corporation.


Originally founded in 2011as "Stumptown Crawlers" as a fun interactive way to raise money for local service oriented charities, Stumptown Events was incorporated as a non-profit in November, 2013 to make sure our mission could become sustainable for the coming years. 


Our Mission: To promote community, play and fun by hosting, inclusive, interactive participant driven events that encourage self expression while raising funds for the needy


We believe that having fun and connecting to others is necessary for the health of your soul. Our dream is to help people to express themselves, let loose, to see and be seen (be recognized), and have the time of their lives.  We throw awesome parties - want to join us?


We provide the theme, forum, route and music. Our participants bring the costumes, artwork, dancing, play, pageantry. With us you get to be a part of the parade, not just a spectator.


You can us this link to the IRS website to review our annual Federal Tax Filing.

EIN# 46-4129789         IRS DLN 26053676002914


You can use this link Oregon State DOJ to view our Annual Report Filing

Oregon reg. # 976652-94        DOJ# 47771



the the following pages list our revenue and expenses for each year and event that we have produced since Stumptown Events was Incorporated. Our Accounting year is Sept. 1 through August 31st.

Board member/Benefactor Startup loans

Sam Sauter                                      

Winnie Cane                                       

Sean Batson                                       

Catherine Dominguez                       


Incorporation costs                          


Misc. Expenses                                   








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