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In November, 2013 Stumptown Events  registered as a Non-profit corporation in the state of Oregon with the goal of producing self-sustaining events that promote communities and the unique spirit of Portland. We were recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 2014. We provide a format for interactive street theater where participants are encouraged to express their unique creativity in a safe fun environment.

We currently produce various unique events including costume themed pub crawls and single venue dance parties that raise money for Local Charities which have included the Portland Police's Sunshine Division, P:ear, the Oregon Music Hall of Fame and more.

Stumptown Events Inc. is a 100% Volunteer run organization. None of the board members receive compensation for the time and energy they put into organizing these events.

Except specific paid contractors - that provide services such as entertainment, ticketing, security, food services- and the participating venues, no one, other than the designated charities, benefit from these events. 

Stumptown Events Inc. Board of Directors
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